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The #MeToo Collateral

Having just about recovered from the mulled wine stupor and meat sweats of Christmas, I find myself thinking about the #MeToo campaign. Three months late to the party, which I admit is more embarrassingly tardy than fashionably late, but lately I’ve realised that there are certain aspects of the campaign that are deeply troubling, which detract from and undermine the ... Read More

A bloody inconvenient truth

Newsflash: women bleed out of their vaginas.

That’s (roughly) 50% of the global population, on average once a month, lasting 3-7 days, for 38 years. This means the average woman bleeds out of her vagina for over 6 years of her life.

Yet, most UK workplaces do not provide free sanitary products. I tried to find out an exact figure, but there ... Read More

I Stand With Munroe

This week, I’ve been following the stories and interviews of Munroe Bergdorf, the model who was dropped by L’Oreal for being “at odds” with their values as a company which “champions diversity” [1]. This was reportedly because of an angry “rant” that she posted on Facebook in response to the horrific violence that broke out in Charlottesville. The media ... Read More

Hire Hard: A Trilogy

In my last job, I worked at a fast growing tech start up. We had a lot of open headcount, and a general sense that it was incredibly hard and slow to hire the right people. This meant that people were not only spending more-than-ideal time on hiring, but were also likely to be doing the job of more than ... Read More

A Woman's Space

Last night I hosted a dinner full of lively, fascinating and furious feminist debate. It was a glorious affair laden with barbecued brisket and coronary-beckoning mac and cheese. Tom and I split the cooking and washing up between us (not in honour of the event, although it was noted, but because it’s fucking 2017), while our friends talked about the ... Read More


A month ago today I quit my job. It wasn’t a terrible job – I was well paid, the hours were reasonable, I respected and liked most of my colleagues and the work was, at least at times, pretty interesting. But despite all this, I felt unhappy (I know, how millennial of me). So, being a mathematician-turned-programmer, I naturally tried ... Read More